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Maximise Consulting is a boutique management consultancy, founded by Max Edwards in 2008. We partner with senior business leaders and their people to execute strategy and improve business results, particularly during significant change.

Our clients include private, public and non-for-profit enterprises,with unique challenges and diverse industry contexts. They also have in common an urgent need to transform their business, build capability, renew their workplace culture, and respond to dynamic markets and changing stakeholder demands.

Entering the highly competitive consulting market at the height of the Global Financial Crisis meant focusing on the critical list for clients facing unprecedented cost pressures, compliance risks, and the need to change they way their organisations work – fast.

We bring impartial and independent insight, through:

  1. Consulting – diagnosing people and performance issues to deliver insight and recommendations for action on strategic alignment, work design, leadership practices, workforce engagement, and behaviour change.
  2. Facilitation – executive off-sites, strategy facilitation, leadership development, work group and project team effectiveness.
  3. Coaching and mentoring – leadership capability, role effectiveness, skills transfer, and commitment to action.

Supported by a network of alliances with complementary specialist expertise, we design and facilitate solutions in strategic change, organisation design, leadership and cultural transformation.

Our unique contribution involves accessing the passion and commitment of the workforce through participative processes that ensure everyone owns and takes an active part in the change agenda, strategic outcomes, and achievement of your future vision.


Max Edwards – Director and Principal Consultant

As an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach, I help organisations, senior leaders, and their teams to execute strategy, accelerate performance, succeed, and grow.
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Our Core Purpose, Principles and Values

The answers to most of the world’s challenges reside within social relationships, connections and human capability.
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Success Stories

Take a look at samples of our work including organisational review for greater accountability and responsiveness;  organisational design as foundations for growth; and leadership effectiveness through role clarity to improve collaboration.
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