Leadership Development Strategy

We know that most learning happens on the job, yet few organisations design their leadership development initiatives beyond formalised classroom learning. Organisations and the market place are increasingly characterised by complexity, ambiguity and paradox, demanding more adaptive leadership practises. Businesses also recognise that growing and retaining existing talent pays dividends.

Pragmatically there are times when public workshops and seminars offering generic content and skill development meet the need to support individual development plans and expose learners to other industries and networks. We also believe that significant investment in customised in-house leadership development benefits both the individual and builds organisational capability in the service of strategy execution, and cultural and values alignment. Ultimately, it is a strategic investment in creating differentiation and gaining competitive advantage.

Our approach to integrated program design and evaluation

We take an integrated and holistic approach to needs analysis that recognises the 70/20/10 model of return on investment from learning acquisition to learning transfer, and to business outcomes. We work with you to build and end-end approach to learning program design and evaluation that engages multiple stakeholders throughout the project lifecyle. In our experience, this is critical to ownership and support for on-the-job application, aligned to executive sponsorship, project governance, and formal learning contracts between line manager and learner.

We start by ensuring a thorough understanding of business strategy, and the organisation and leadership capabilities required to execute it. We also work to distinguish performance related issues (goals, structure, work, people, culture) capability related issues (skills, knowledge, experience, behaviours), and environmental related issues (team and organisation dynamics).

With a bias for experiential learning, we draw upon a range of proven methods for developing leadership competencies that directly relate to actual work challenges and situations. This might involve customised classroom learning to inform and align participants awareness of current business priorities or to practise and develop mastery of critical capabilities and skills. It might also take the form of mandated on-the-job projects, through which participants work on between and throughout formal learning sessions. Workshop components might also be complemented by targeted executive coaching.

Benefits of leadership development

We help you design and facilitate business-relevant programs that ensure executive buy-in, valued participant experiences, and improved capacity to deliver on organisational outcomes, including:

  • Leadership development programs, aligned to strategy execution and enhanced organisational capability.
  • Action learning programs, where small cross-functional groups learn together to deliver tangible project outcomes.
  • Team coaching programs, that combine elements of coaching, structured learning of customised content, and peer-peer coaching on resolution of  real time business challenges.

Explore our Leading Organisational Change Program, which can be customised to meet your unique business requirements.

We welcome a no obligation, introductory conversation to help you scope your leadership development challenges and possible strategic choices.

Targeted Development for Individual Leaders

Sometimes a change in behaviour or perspective by one individual can have enormous impact to improve productivity, team or workforce engagement. Click on the links below to find out more.

Executive Coaching

Talent Accelerator Program