Robust design, independent facilitation, stakeholder engagement, commitment to action, better business results

Strategic planning facilitation

Put simply, a strategy is an organisation working out where it is, where it wants to be, and what it needs to do to get there. For CEOs, MD’s and business unit heads, tasked with achieving the long-term growth and future position of the entire enterprise, including driving sustainable growth, innovation and customer responsiveness, while maintaining “business as usual”, finding focused time-out for mission critical and mission defining conversations is an ongoing imperative.

It’s also frequently difficult to schedule and co-locate time poor executives. Executive teams are rarely short on experience and know-how in their respective functional domains or industry dynamics. Typically a worthwhile off-site aims to focus efforts and come away with greater clarity, confidence and commitment to execute the plan with the right balance of internal and external perspectives. The time and effort invested can be maximised through an independent facilitator, following a number of simple, important steps.

Our contemporary strategy facilitation process is based on cumulative management theory and practice, including alignment of strategic intent, external market and internal capability scans, anticipating future scenarios, differentiation and strategic choices, strategic goals, action planning and measurement scorecards. The principles and and frameworks can be customised or integrated with existing ones to ensure alignment, application and successful execution.

In our experience it’s that process of facilitating ownership, robust discussion and debate, and alignment of experience with practical application that makes all the difference.

Typical assignments focus on:

  • Strategic alignment of vision, mission and values and annual business planning summits
  • Leadership team alignment following merger or integration of new entity or business unit
  • Leadership team alignment as a precursor to organisation re-design work

Benefits of strategic planning facilitation

We challenge and support the team to articulate and resolve key strategic issues, dilemmas and choices. We also encourage real conversations about current and desired team effectiveness to leverage the team’s strengths and respectfully confront conflict and contention.

Crucially, we assist the team to cut through, and make critical team-based decisions, with commitment to tangible actions and plans. We also provide leaders with post-off-site support to maintain momentum and ensure the return on investment pays off.

Our approach to strategic planning facilitation

We work with business leaders to:

  • Help efficiently prepare, develop and respond to critical strategic questions through a simple pre-offsite, management team engagement process.
  • Assist in creating an engaging off-site agenda and sequence of working sessions, that will progress the strategic intent through to a roadmap and timeline for results.
  • Facilitate achievement of the agenda through robust, focused conversations that bring together multiple perspectives on this issues that matter most, with an emphasis on decision making.
  • Identify critical success factors and tangible measures.
  • Build energy and commitment for strategy execution.

Organisation review – independently verified decision insight

The primary source of future growth and competitive strength for many organisations arises from a strongly differentiated end-end customer experience. To implement the Strategic Plan specific to organic growth, strong internal coordination and integration of business processes and organisational infrastructure are essential.

A key challenge for maintaining and building growth capacity is to ensure a fit-for-purpose organisation structure, with clearly defined accountabilities for core business processes and customer experience touch-points that are fully understood, owned and operationalised.

To this end, an organisation review provides an independent assessment of core organisational activities, information flows, work processes, reporting structures and accountabilities, authorities and decision rights, and effective controls for optimal execution of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic drivers of an organisation review may include: operational risk management, identification of operational efficiencies to optimise speed to market and organisational responsiveness, enhancing customer experience, brand engagement and culture change.

Benefits of an organisation review

An organisation review provide a process to:

  • Quickly gather independent decision insight as the basis for robust business planning and action.
  • Uncover multiple perspectives on contentious issues that may not otherwise be volunteered.
  • Conduct a structured and robust research process that ensures confidentiality and anonymity to participants.

Our approach to organisation review

We work with leaders to:

  • Define the review parameters critical to improved organisational performance, including communication and engagement with the strategic intent, people and capability, processes, reporting structures and accountabilities, culture and leadership practices.
  • Conduct organisational research with relevant stakeholder groups, using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Report and validate findings to sponsor and reference group as an invitation to engage with themes and recommendations.
  • Facilitate executive decision making and planning conversations to act on insight and strategic implications.