Maximise Consulting
People Change Performance


We help organisations, leaders, and teams to perform, succeed, and grow. We believe that people change performance.


Maximise Consulting partners with senior business leaders and their people to execute strategy and improve business results, particularly during significant change.

We provide consulting, facilitation and executive coaching to align perspectives, build leadership capability, and create fit-for-purpose organisations with clear purpose and vibrant cultures.

Our unique contribution is in accessing the passion and commitment of the workforce through participative processes that ensure everyone owns and takes an active part in your strategic change agenda. 

We deliver value through three core service areas: strategic alignment, organisation design and leadership development.



Strategic alignment

Put simply, a strategy is an organisation working out where it is, where it wants to be, and what it needs to do to get there. Periodically CEOs, MD’s and business unit heads must step back and make time to plan the long-term growth and future position of the enterprise in response to dynamic markets, while maintaining business-as-usual.

organisation design

Organisation design is a rigorous process of ensuring an organisation’s formal and informal structures, systems, work processes, and culture are purposefully organised to successfully execute the organisation’s strategy. It goes well beyond changes of reporting lines, and ensures the organisation is optimally “fit-for-purpose” through an internal transformation of structures, culture and people.

Leadership development

In our experience effective leadership development happens over time, on the job, through dedicated and deliberate practice. Leadership development efforts continue to be short-lived, focused on theoretical content-driven knowledge that fails to upskill or change behaviour. Your organisation and environment is likely to be increasingly dynamic and complex, demanding more adaptive leadership practises.



We work with clients across a diverse range of industries from private, public, and for-purpose enterprises with unique challenges and diverse industry contexts.

This includes financial services, education, telecommunications, professional services, resources, pharmaceutical, chemicals, aviation, healthcare, utilities, and government.

They each have in common an urgent need to transform their business, build capability, renew their workplace culture, and respond to dynamic markets and changing stakeholder demands.



What clients say

“Max works collaboratively with you, as the client, to implement customised and cost effective solutions for leadership and team performance challenges. When working with Max, you feel that he’s really engaged and listening to what are the issues. He will bring to the table, the following strengths: depth of experience and know-how from a solid base of credible contemporary thought leadership, practical and innovative approaches to solve complex challenges, and the ability to transfer learning and share useful ideas that work.”
- Executive Director, Human Resources, insurance business.

“Max has worked on a variety of programs with us over the past couple of years and has been a great support and resource. Projects have included a significant workplace change and team building program, recruitment process mapping, a role clarification and team development-integration exercise, and our workforce plan. Max is a great facilitator with the ability to engage people and get them working together towards a common objective.”
- Senior Manager, Human Resources, for-purpose organisation.

“Max has been working with us on an integrated program of structured group and one-one sessions, to optimise sales strategy and execution. Max’s work with me as business leader, the leadership team, and sales function, has made a significant impact to lift the team’s focus, capacity, and positioning across the organisation to deliver great results for the function and our customers. Max’s strengths are in listening, asking insightful questions, and encouraging client-driven action and outcomes.”
- General Manager, Sales, superannuation business.