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Leadership development

In our experience effective leadership development happens over time, on the job, through dedicated and deliberate practice. Leadership development efforts continue to be short-lived, focused on theoretical content-driven knowledge that fails to upskill or change behaviour. Your organisation and environment is likely to be increasingly dynamic and complex, demanding more adaptive leadership practises. No doubt you also recognise that growing and retaining existing talent is key to building strong pipelines to meet tomorrow challenges.

We believe that investment in customised leadership development, benefits both the individual and builds organisational capability to enable strategy execution and cultural transformation. Ultimately, leadership development enables differentiation and competitive advantage through your people.

We work with you to focus your learning goals to your unique context and strategic change agenda. We take a systemic approach to learning needs analysis and draw insight to optimise return on investment from learning acquisition, to learning transfer, to business outcomes. We also work with you to engage multiple stakeholders in the design and evaluation to ensure ownership and support for on-the-job application.

We then help you plan, design and facilitate business-relevant programs that optimise executive buy-in, provide valued participant experiences, and deliver on organisational outcomes. With a bias for experiential discovery learning, we draw upon a range of proven methods and delivery modes for shifting mindsets, developing leadership practices and behaviours that directly relate to real-time work challenges and opportunities.

Leadership development can include:




Teams at all levels are inherently dynamic and benefit from continual renewal, particularly when they involve complex, multi-stakeholder relationships and cross-functional interdependencies. Intentional team “time-out” sessions to get more connected and aligned, not only serve to reignite team passion, they are increasingly a business imperative. High performing teams don’t just happen: they are intentionally planned and carefully nurtured to bring out the best from all members.


For contemporary organisations and managers looking to achieve sustainable growth, drive innovation and customer responsiveness, while supporting “business as usual”, a manager’s change leadership capability and the competence to execute continues to be an essential prerequisite.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching entails a series of collaborative conversations that will help you discover fresh perspectives, validate and leverage your experience, and provide relevant tools to take action and achieve your defined objectives. As coaches we provide a confidential sounding board to help you step back, reflect, test your own assumptions, and identify practical approaches to progress your leadership journey with impact.