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Organisation Design

Organisation design is a rigorous process of ensuring an organisation’s formal and informal structures, systems, work processes, and culture are purposefully organised to successfully execute the organisation’s strategy. It goes well beyond changes of reporting lines, and ensures the organisation is optimally “fit-for-purpose” through an internal transformation of structures, culture and people.

We begin with a diagnostic phase or organisation review that identifies areas of strategic congruence and recommendations for priority attention. We work with the executive team and other selected stakeholders to understand and align the organisation’s strategic context, focussing on the top 3 layers of the organisation.

The Maximise approach to organisation design involves a thorough understanding of the explicit business strategy and desired future state in response to external demands. This enables agreement on core and differentiating capabilities that underpin work on horizontal and vertical structural linkages.

To optimise workforce engagement with a viable future, we then use an iterative series of highly participative design workshops with a diagonal section of roles from core business functions and work levels to shape an organisation design blueprint.

Through a carefully facilitated design dialogue that honours and harnesses multiple perspectives and experiences, we respectfully explore uncomfortable truths and contentions. Ultimately this ignites and aligns commitment to a clear, and compelling future. Using this iterative, top-down and bottom-up process, the whole business takes ownership for execution.

Organisation design can include:

  • Organisation design blueprint development

  • Defining design principles and selection criteria

  • Structural groupings and organisation reporting

  • Culture transformation

  • Business and operating model development

  • Business scorecard development

  • Self-organising team design.



Organisation design blueprint developmenT

Organisation design is often synonymous with restructuring - revising reporting lines, removing hierarchical layers to improve efficiency, streamline decision making, deliver cost savings and drive innovation. What begins as a logical, linear, rationale to simplify bureaucracy is invariably complicated by culture and people.

Culture and values alignment

Your organisations corporate values explicitly describe how your people conduct themselves, everyday, in dealings with all stakeholders. They guide actions and behaviour and inspire everyone to better serve your customers and ensure a wholehearted focus on doing the right things well.

Business scorecard development

Peter Drucker famously said “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” For your organisation, what outcomes matter most? What will success look like? Who cares and what’s the best way to involve them? The problem is that most organisations suffer from a lack of focus. The list of strategic projects and initiatives is often long and unwieldily.