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Large group innovation conferences

Align, collaborate, adapt, and mobilise thinking and behaviour to execute

Periodically organisations bring together an entire management or staff cohort to enhance human connections, engage the workforce in the design and implementation of corporate vision, seed innovation working groups on complex interconnected problems, and to access the passion and commitment of large groups for ownership and action. Using the principles of respect, invitation and choice, we design and facilitate highly engaging large group experiences to align, focus, adapt, and mobilise, thinking and behaviour to execute what matters most for organisational impact.

The standard approach to conference design entails passive key note presentations, and a full agenda of “talk at” style sessions with very little contribution or input from the audience. The results can be energising and insightful on the day, but shortly lived on recall, impact or action following the “event”.

An alternative is to flip this standard format on its head by respecting the capacity for insight, passion, and commitment to action that already resides within those in the room. With thoughtful design and planning, participants are invited to actively shape the agenda around a focussed business theme and outcomes, with a bias for seeding ownership and accountability for action after the large group conference dialogue. The results are better understanding of complex, interdependent business problems, deeper social connections for collaborate endeavour, and innovation through new thinking and perspectives that impact business outcomes in a sustainable way.

We use a number of large group participative facilitation methods to achieve critical mass, high engagement, and spark innovation from the people who are charged with making it happen, including:

We look forward to working with you to design and facilitate highly engaging, participative workshops where participants are encouraged to collaborate, manage, design and control their own work in the service of emerging business challenges and opportunities.