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Culture and values alignment

Shared insight, great employee and customer experiences

“Values are the timeless guiding principles that require no external justification - they have intrinsic value and importance to those inside the organisation.” Jim Collins, 2001.

Your organisations corporate values explicitly describe how your people conduct themselves, everyday, in dealings with all stakeholders. They guide actions and behaviour and inspire everyone to better serve your customers and ensure a wholehearted focus on doing the right things well. 

We help you distill your organisations unique “cultural DNA” – those hard to mimic, qualities and behaviours that enable market differentiation and support strategy execution. We design and conduct high impact employee research that simultaneously engages and gathers insight for action.

When well designed and implemented, corporate values:

  • Provide a compass for decision-making and a language for constructive dialogue on how work is best achieved, valued and rewarded

  • Enable consistency in behaviour and action that delivers exceptional customer service and desired business outcomes

  • Build the business brand reputation through a consistent and differentiated customer experience

  • Enhance attraction, retention and ongoing loyalty of customers

  • Enhance employee attraction, retention and engagement.

We begin where you are. It could be that you wish to create a set of meaningful and engaging corporate values or revitalise an existing set in need of revitalising to match renewed strategic priorities.

This could mean first, helping you clarify the purpose and intent of your corporate values, then we work with you to design the the overall employee and customer engagement process, through to crafting and validating suggested corporate values, and finally ensuring effective implementation to embed and enliven ownership from all employees back in the business.

We look forward to hearing your organisation’s story so far, and discussing how we can help make possible the desired future.