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Strategic planning facilitation

Preparation, engagement, strategy execution, better business results

Strategy is how an organisation plans, designs, and executes. Strategic planning requires leaders to assess external industry sector dynamics and rigorously challenge assumptions. What are our winning aspirations? Where will we play and where will we let go? How will we win? What capabilities are critical to our success? What systems and enablers are required?

It can also mean refining core elements of the strategic intent: purpose, vision, goals, and values. A robust leadership dialogue must achieve alignment on the requirements for competitive advantage and differentiation to enable an organisation to optimise a limited window of opportunity.

We work with leaders and their teams to: 

  • Help efficiently prepare, develop and respond to critical strategic questions through a simple pre-offsite, management team engagement process.

  • Assist in creating an engaging off-site agenda and sequence of working sessions, that will progress the strategic intent through to a roadmap for results. 

  • Facilitate achievement of the agenda through robust, focused conversations that bring together multiple perspectives on this issues that matter most. We challenge and support the team to articulate and resolve key strategic issues, dilemmas and choices. 

  • Encourage real conversations about capability and capacity to execute and respectfully confront conflict and contention. Crucially, we assist the team to cut through, and make critical team-based decisions, with commitment to tangible actions and plans. 

  • We also provide leaders with post-off-site support to maintain momentum and ensure the return on investment pays off.